LED Light Therapy seems to help people FEEL, THINK, Look and Perform . . . Better

The side effects . . . are GOOD, You Just Get Better.

One to two sessions per week lasting 10-20 minutes, and your entire body is illuminated with the same red and near infrared light therapy wavelengths and dosage that researchers have been showing for over 30 years to improve athletic recovery, heal wounds, reduce pain, improve skin tone and work with a variety of health concerns.

The EDGE contains over 14,000 total LED lights.

ARRC EDGE LED ​Full Body, Multiwave Light Therapy

​- Antibacterial - Kills Acne Bacteria

- Stimulates Collagen Production

- Increased Physical Performance and Endurance

​- Removes Oxidative Stress

- Aids in the Body's Homeostasis

Chill ZONE Cryo

Research Suggested Light Benefits

- Skin Rejuvenation and Pigmentation             

- Performance Recovery

- Circulation and Hyperpigmentation

​- Wound Healing

​- Mood Disorders