Chill ZONE Cryo

Vielight 810 - $499.00

The Vielight 810 is a standalone intranasal device. Its power output is approximately 1/2 of the Vielight Neuro. Its gentler brain stimulation is intended for everyday use. 


At the Cellular level, visable red and near infrared light (NIR) energy stimulates cells to generate more energy and undergo self-repair. This activity takes place within the mitochondria through an enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase. This enzyme accepts and converts photonic energy into cellular energy (ATP) and other gene transcription factors leading to repair and regeneration. 

The intranasal area is the most effecient channel to deliver photons to the ventral brain area. NIR photons penetrate easily through the porous bone structure, unlike natural barriers such as skin and hair. The Ventral brain area holds important brain areas such as the hypothalamus, ventral prefrontal cortex and hippocampus.

Neurons are cells that contain mitochondria. Based on the science of photobiomodulation, NIR light energy delivered to neuronal mitochondria triggers a cascade of beneficial cellular events. 

Vielight 633 - $299.00

The Vielight 633 if an intranasal device designed to stimulate the circulatory, immune and endocrine systems. The red photons modulate these systems through the dense nasal capillary notwork. 





Herpes/Cold Sores



Blisters/Chapped Skin

Pressure Sores

Insect Bites


Post Surgical Application

The SL50 Evolution incorporates a host of advanced featured in a home-use laser device such as both red 635nm (8 each) and infrared 830nm (4 each) laser diodes. You can use either wavelength separately or combine them together. It can be operated in the continuous wave mode or in the “pulsed” mode, at 20 Hz per second. Each laser wavelength is selectable for either pulsed or continuous wave. The SL50 Evolution incorporates a soothing massage feature which can be used to stimulate and relax the skin. This feature can be turned off if you wish. The internal timer can be set from 1 to 20 minutes operating time for total user flexibility. The SL50 Evolution includes a user replaceable battery pack and a 110v-220v power supply for recharging the battery. The Sl50 Evolution is ideal for all skin types. Order now to insure delivery before they are sold out again.

Low intensity lasers are pure coherent light energy.  These "space age" lasers do not cut or burn as high powered surgical lasers do. Instead they penetrate into the skin and accelerate the body's natural regenerative capabilities, reducing the effects of aging. They work at the cellular level providing light energy to the skin and underlying cells and tissue No side effects of low level laser light have been found in thirty years of international clinical research.

​ARRC EDGE LED Full Body Bed



The Vielight Neuro is an intranasal photobiomodulation (PBM) system. Designed primarily for brain  PBM, it emits pulsed NIR light energy with advanced microchip LED technology for whole brain irradiation, specifically, of the Default Mode Network

Alpha - $1749.00

The 10Hz pulse rate correlates with alpha brainwave oscillations and overall enhanced cellular light absorption for overall neurol PBM

Gamma - $1749.00

The 40 Hz pulse rate correlates with gamma brainwave oscillations and specifically, enhanced memory function and cognition.